About Us

About Dr. Archana Bajaj

Since its very origin, The Nurture IVF Clinic has been striving to offer the best solutions to couples seeking treatment of infertility. We are trying our best to give all the couples coming to us, their bundle of joy, their own baby. We are equipped with high-end technology and up to date infrastructure to provide one of the best fertility treatments such as IVF, Surrogacy, ICSI, and IUI procedures. We conform to the international standards as far as our techniques and procedures are concerned.

We have a team of accomplished IVF Specialists, Embryologists, Gynaecologists, and Endoscopists. Our success rate has been outstandingly good, which has made us the best fertility clinic in Delhi and amongst best fertility clinics in India. We aim at providing high quality and cost-effective services.

The Nurture Clinic is headed by Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj. She is a distinguished fertility expert Doctor. She is MBBS, DNB, MNAMS (Obs-Gynae) M.Med Science in Assisted Reproduction Technology (UK). She is a well-trained fertility specialist and possesses expertise in Surrogacy, IVF, and Male and Female Infertility.

We are focused on helping couples to sail out from the trauma of infertility by providing them appropriate treatment to have their own baby. We specialize in the area of IVF, ICSI, IUI, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Assisted Hatching, Surrogacy, Embryo Freezing, Male Infertility Services, Sperm Banks and other Natural Infertility Treatments. We also provide infertility books, infertility support, and drugs with encouraging emotional and moral support.

We are one of the forerunners in the techniques of ICSI and have done more than 2000 cycles with success rates of around 25% -30%.

We were the first unit in India to initiate the technique of Assisted Laser Hatching. It helps elderly patients or patients having failed cycles previously by improving their chances of pregnancy.

We offer one of the most advanced and internationally competitive ART programs and services. Our centers are equipped with the state-of-the-art 'Embryology Laboratory' and our staff comprises of highly trained professionals. Our objective is to offer fertility related medical attention, emotional advice, ethical values, and state of the art technical support to couples who are going through hard times due to their inability to conceive a child.

The Nurture IVF is among the oldest infertility clinics in Delhi. At The Nurture IVF center, we strive to provide the best medical services at par to the international standards at a cost-effective price. Our dream is to give every mother, who wants to have it but is unable to have it. We ensure that the couples who lack their own offspring conceive it in the safest way at our infertility center. Our ultimate goal is to give you your bundle of joy, your child.