Egg Donation

One of the successful donor programs run by us is the Donor Egg Program. It has proved to be a very successful program. This program has been a blessing for patients who are suffering from premature ovarian failure or have menopaused and want to have a baby.

What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process where eggs from a donor are used for fertilization and then embryo is implanted in the mother’s womb. Eggs are taken from a young and healthy woman. Who is less than 33 years in age, with her consent. These donors are thoroughly screened prior to taking them into the program.These eggs are fertilized in the lab with the sperms of the husband of the recipient mother. Developed embryo is then transferred to the recipient woman’s uterus. This helps a lot of women who are either suffering from premature ovarian failure or have eggs which are not good in quality for pregnancy. Women who are older in age or have already menopaused can also have babies through this method.


Screening of the Donors

Egg donors are thoroughly screened for different medical conditions such as AIDS and Hepatitis. Their medical history is also gets checked. Their family history is also taken, so that any genetic problems can be ruled out. Preference is given to those donors, who already have given birth to a child. The gynecological history of the donor is also recorded.

Who can donate Eggs?

Ideally a blood relative of the recipient is the best donor. But for many couples it is difficult to get such donors. Other source is women who are unrelated and voluntarily donate eggs. There are many women who donate eggs on humane ground so that childless couples can have their own baby. Egg donation is a legalized medical practice in India.

A woman who is healthy and have no medical problem, either gynea or other critical ailment and have no history of genetic disorders can donate eggs.


Who can have Egg Donation?

Women in the age bracket of 37-40 years of age, who are not getting pregnant through other fertility treatments, can opt for a donor egg for fertilization. Women who have fewer eggs or poor quality eggs can also go for it. Women older in age, who have already menopaused and desire to have a baby can have a baby with help of egg donation. This is also helpful for young women who have premature ovarian failure. Patients who carry major genetic disorders can also opt for donor eggs so that those conditions are not passed to their offspring.