Donor Program

Nurture Clinic is fertility clinic comprising of experience fertility doctors headed by fertility specialist Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, which offers wide-ranging donor program to help couple who need donor eggs, sperms or embryo to realize their dream of having a baby. Use of donated eggs, sperms and embryos are not very complex and is a relatively safe process, but the couple who sought for donation of gametes (egg or sperm) or embryo, should go under counseling as it is a very complex process emotionally.


Our Donor Programs

Oocyte or Egg Donation

We offer one of the high-end oocyst or egg donation programs. This is helpful for women who have menopaused or have a problem of premature ovarian failure but want a baby. In this process oocyst are collected from the donor and fertilized in the lab with husband’s sperm and the embryo is placed into wife’s womb after preparing it for pregnancy with estrogen / progesterone priming. We thoroughly screen the donor before collecting eggs to rule out any medical or genetic problem,


Sperm Donation

Couples having male infertility problems such as low sperm count or low mobility or morphological problem with sperm can opt for sperm donation. Donor sperms are collected from a donor or from a semen bank and the woman is fertilized with other fertility methods such as IUI or ICSI. We ensure that the sperm we use are from donors who are completely healthy and have no medical or genetic disorder and they do not carry any genetic condition.


Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is a boon for those Couple, who have infertility problems with both the partners. Anembryo is borrowed from a healthy mother with her consent and is implanted into the recipient mother’s uterus. A woman can fulfill her biological desire to be a mother with this method.


Legal and Ethical Considerations

The donation of eggs, sperm and embryos is a complex medical process. It is also ethically very sensitive issue. Thus we closely abide by the guidelines of national Indian Health Ethics Committee, while providing different fertility treatments including our donor programs.

Though donation of eggs, sperm and embryo is a legalized medical practice in India it is illegal to have a commercial buy or sell of sperm, eggs and embryos.

The current NSW law states that a child born from a donated egg or sperm is considered to be the child of the woman, who gave birth to the child. Donors have no legal or financial responsibility of the child. They also cannot claim the child.